David Downton

David Downton is an illustrator that one of my fellow course mates actually found (I forgot whom, as I just wrote the name down, sorry!) He is a fashion illustrator with work similar to BenTour‘s work as he uses basic lines with the main focus on colour. His work is creative and colourful, showing the important features of a design in a creative way.

David’s commercial client list includes: Tiffany & Co, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Harrods, Top Shop, Chanel, Dior, L’Oreal, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine and the V&A Museum. So he is a very well known artist, and I have seen his work in Vogue and Elle when I used to be subscribed to both,

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Marion Bolognesi

Slightly similar to Ben Tour‘s work, Marion Bolognesi is an artist who is extremely talented with water colours. Focusing on eye’s, Bolognesi has a series that just made me speechless when I first discovered it. He manages to show such emotion in each piece, displaying such detailed facial images with such a simple style. And the vibrant colour use makes the paintings even more outstanding.

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Ben Tour

Another Canadian-born artist is 33-year-old Ben Tour. His work is often very dark and emotive, showing great feeling in each piece. He often works with mixed media, and his paintings are sporadic and messy, the colours not often the correct ones but chosen to show a different purpose. I enjoy looking through Tours work on his website (TheTourShow.com) because to me, no piece seems the same and they all show great depth – often within the eyes of the subjects. His work is inspirational, an aim to show that amount of feeling in a 2D art piece.