Getting dragged around is the best stress reliever

IMG_3557.. It’s probably not what you think but let’s start with a weekly recap –

What a busy week it has been! It seems like things are changing so quickly right now. We (my boyfriend Nic and I) have finally found the perfect new flat, and it’s safe to say we’re over the moon. However with stage 1 of moving complete, we’re now stuck into phase 2, packing. Oh joy of joys. Does anyone have any cardboard boxes to give us or shall we continue to steal them from the back of Sainsbury’s in the hope it’s not actually theft..?

Swiftly moving on before I write an unintentional admittance of guilt. Work wise, I’ve spent a majority of the week video editing for the CEO of my company; he liked a video I made for an event and now wants to take a slightly shortened version to the states to show our larger American branch of the company. So that’s definitely good news and swimming along nicely.

Next, onto the dragging (the catchy title that brought you here, I’m sure). Saturday proved to be a surprisingly sunny day in London so we decided the best call of action was to get in the car and drive for two hours to Camber Sands, logical, I’m sure you’ll agree. Though what the wide open beach gives us is a wind chill that drives away  the basking sun dwellers and attracts us, power kiters (I might have just made that name up). Power kiting uses large kites that fill with air, causing you to be dragged on a board, the sand or into the air! It’s super fun, genuinely my favourite outdoor activity and we had an absolute blast on our first time out this year. Check out the photos!

Last of all, in bloggy news, I have a couple of web design posts lined up for this week so we’ll see where that goes. Thanks everyone for your kind words on my return, it’s much appreciated.

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How on earth is it 2015?

2015Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I last used this blog nearly 3 years, and that’s pretty inexcusable.. However, give me a chance, the updates a pretty dramatic.

First off, a quick summary of where I was in April 2012, when I published my last post. I was in my final year of my degree in Newport University, living in Newport, and a bit nervous of the future and where to go from there.

Whoa nelly have things changed since then – I am now owner of a rather lovely (if expensive) piece of paper informing me I have now graduated my degree with a 1st, I live, work and when money allows me, eat in London. I do miss Wales, but realistically, sheep can’t give me the good income and future career prospects that London can, as much as I’m sure they’d like to.

So that’s it, here I am welcoming 2015, albeit over 2 months late. It’s time to brush off the keyboard and get writing about all the numerous thoughts that normally live and die on my notepad on my phone.

P.S Happy St David’s Day!


Recent Updates

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve update this blog, so I thought I should fill you all in with what’s been happeneing –

The main news is that my magazine project finished well, and I ended up getting a high 2:1, which might get moved to a first in the future (it’s a long story). My lecturers were impressed by the use of my own photography, but what held me back was it was a bit too ‘bookish’ which to me now, is incredibly obvious, but at the time it didn’t even cross my mind! Ah well, I’ve learnt something new, and I’m proud of it!

After we handing in our magazine I’ve been more focused on my other Photography project located here. If you haven’t seen it before it’s a daily photography project I’m doing for 2011. Mainly to improve my photography skills, but it also gives me an excuse to get out more when I can’t be bothered, or visit places of interest etc. The more recent photography is a bit poor due to me not having my digital camera, and my SLR’s lense breaking (excuses, excuses, I know). So yeah, if you check that out it’d be appreciated, also C&C is welcome! I’m up to 3,000 views now!

I’ll post again soon about my upcoming projects, and what I have planned for this blog.