Even more Snow…

So as more inches of snow fall upon Cardiff in the night, a Stephanie gets more confident! Off I headed out (in my rather fetching zebra print wellies) to meet my friend and along the way took these photos of the snow. It’s about a foot deep now, and has become effort to wade through, but who couldn’t find the scenery so breathtakingly beautiful.

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Snow Snow Snow…

In the early hours of this morning, about 8″ of snow covered Cardiff, leaving the city looking more clean than ever. After taking a while to drag myself out of my warm cosy bed, I donned my zebra print wellies and headed out into the harsh atmosphere… well, actually just my gardens!

Without becoming too sentimental, snow is something I love. I know it causes annoyance to most people in regards to travel and jobs etc, but luckily I’ve got a passion that leaps for joy (and camera) when I see the first flake fall. So without further blather, here a selection of photos from the day.

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