Chris Corr

I’ve started research for my FMP (Final Major Project(s)). I’m currently working on two projects, the first combines a number of my different loves; photography, design, writing and travel. I plan to create a travel guide to Amsterdam (where I shall be visiting at the end of this month). I’m currently working on ideas, and plan to make it unique to the photography or design lovers. Picking out keep places to visit, and walking tours etc.

Chris Corr is an artist who combines travelling and illustration. His work is inspired from his travels, and protrays not only scenes but the often colourful atmousphere.

Christopher was born in London and studied at The Royal College of Art.
His round the world travels provide much inspiration for his work. His first trip to India in 1986 resulted in a one person show entitled “Wel-come To India” which was followed by a book and a short BBC TV film of the same name.
Commissions range from book jackets, posters, the World Aids Day 1996 campaign, artist for Qantas, artist for Windstar Cruises.
The Royal Mail sent him to Bosnia to paint SFOR ,the Peace-Keeping troops for a commemorative stamp in the Millennium Stamps Project.

His work gained my intrest as it meant he could travel to these countries and bring back so much insperation for these paintings. He would ispire others to go out and do the same, whilst informing people of these beautiful places. Have a look at some of his images, I just love how colourful they are!



David Downton

David Downton is an illustrator that one of my fellow course mates actually found (I forgot whom, as I just wrote the name down, sorry!) He is a fashion illustrator with work similar to BenTour‘s work as he uses basic lines with the main focus on colour. His work is creative and colourful, showing the important features of a design in a creative way.

David’s commercial client list includes: Tiffany & Co, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Harrods, Top Shop, Chanel, Dior, L’Oreal, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine and the V&A Museum. So he is a very well known artist, and I have seen his work in Vogue and Elle when I used to be subscribed to both,

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Francoise Nielly

Another bright, colourful, abstract artist. Her expressive painting techniques uses oils and knifes to create free, surprising, and somewhat sexual paintings. Her strokes are random but create such strong artwork, that show such expression. Another artist I came across while browsing another website, I find her work an inspiration towards my use of colour. She takes risk, yet all of her paintings are a credit to herself, her work teaches me to be bold and brave.

For more work from Francoise Nielly, visit his Website.

Minit Malavia

Another very talented individual that isn’t very well known is Canadian illustrator and artist Nimit ( His work is exhibitid in America, but again hasn’t been shown in the UK. This work is beautiful to the eye with amazing use of detail and colour, something that has made me fall in love with his work. Malavia also posts more imaginary work such as the lion pictured below. A sketch of an untamed lions mane, picturing the free and flowing result.

Michael Shapcott

Shapcott ( is a 28 year old painting from Hartford, Connecticut. His paintings use daring colour palettes to which he creates emotionally charged portraits. “His work deals with highly detailed graphite underdrawings which he then paints with colorful washes in oil and acrylic paints.” His work has been in a number of exhibitions, all in America however, which is why I think he isn’t too heard of in the UK. I really enjoy his work because of the emotion and expression shown in the paintings by using colour. It’s all carried out so well, in a messy yet controlled manner.