Semster 1 Final Pieces

Our work for the first semester has been finished, submitted and marked, so I thought I’d post a summary of the briefs and pieces, and a quick update as to what’s been happening and what’s to come!

My finalised designs.

The International School of Typography Design (ISTD) set a brief that was to focus on a moment in time. I have previously explained about this brief, but as a summary, I chose 31st of October, the day the population hit 7 Billion. I created a typographic poster, about the facts and effects of this big number. It was very well received by my lecturers, and schools, and is now being used as part of a Welsh Baccalaureate lesson plan! It all worked out much better than I could ever imagine, and is the basis now for one of my final major projects, but I’ll talk about that in another post. (I’ll be uploading a photo of the printed version soon, that’s still at my university).

Final – 7 Billion People (PDF)

The next brief was from the Royal School of Art (RSA), and that was to create a set of stamps to encourage people to keep writing letters. I chose the idea of ‘Your Words Will Live On’ and giving examples of famous quotes that have lived on pass the death of the person in question. I wasn’t so keen on the final layout, but my lecturers were very happy with the final design, and it was well received all around (success!).

And last, and definitely least, the personal identity brief. Pretty self explanatory, this brief was to create our own branding, and overall image. We had to create a website, business cards, and an ‘object’ which we would design and bring to interviews to boost chances etc. I didn’t have many idea’s for this for a long time, but eventually settled on an idea using cranes/swans oragami, and was pretty happy with it! (More-so than the other projects!) But oh was I wrong. My lecturers didn’t take a liking to my identity, but luckily, it was meant to be the starting point, not the finalised designs. We have another hand in for this module in a few months, so I’ll be set back to designing and web designing, in order to find an identity I feel comfortable with (and they like too..).

My Website (

Overall, I got a first for this submission, and I was over the moon! I really didn’t expect it, after they told me they thought my identity was too linear for my personality. But I’ll get a second chance with that project at the next submission, and hopefully prove them wrong with a new design!

Feedback would be really appreciated on any of these designs, and most of all the identity project, so it would be awesome to hear for you! Thanks a lot, and better late than never, a happy new year to you all!


Summer University Project

Over the summer our lecturers invited us to take part in an exhibition at the new City Campus, with the following brief –

2011 will bring major changes at the University of Wales Newport. The School of Art Media and Design is to be rebranded and Graphic Design, one of its most successful programmes, is closing after 45 very years.
In addition to this we will soon witness the retirement of Paul Morris, Adrian Newman and Rob Mason, who have been central to much of the design philosophy of the School.

We would like to celebrate the ‘end of this era’ by holding a Graphic Design Alumni Exhibition demonstrating the quality and diversity of the work produced by former Newport Graphic Design students.

We thought it would be great fun to ask everyone invited, to respond to a student project brief called ‘my favourite word’. Whilst the main focus of the exhibition at the New Campus gallery will be everyone’s response to this theme, the exhibition will also be complemented by a publication and supporting website which will include a comprehensive selection of the exhibitors professional work.

Originally I chose the word ‘Crowded’. Admittedly, I chose this as I came up with the idea first, before thinking too much about the word. I made this design, and it was well received by my course, and with interesting remarks to work on! However I still wasn’t too keen on using that word as I hate crowds. Still, these are the following designs for the word ‘Crowded’ with a few variations of the design.


After getting feedback, and slowly going off this design, I decided to have a crack at another idea, and one of my much preferred words – Messy! These are two designs based around this word, and much prefer them! My favourite design out of all of these is the very last one (bottom right), but I’d love to know what you think! Thanks!


David’s New Tattoo

My housemate and close friend David went to get his first tattoo today! I went along for moral support (though he did say I didn’t have to if I was going to be squeamish) and also for the chance to get my first ever tattoo studio photographs.

The tattooist was Lee Nocivelli – the owner of ‘Noccers Tattoo’s’ which is directly above Blue Banana on Corporation Road in Newport. A man who was absolutely lovely, and who let me sit in and take the photos.

Et viola! David has a new tattoo, and he’s very happy with it!

Fashion Design Brief

We are currently completing our ‘Competition and Commission’ module – a part of our second year that consists of a number of different projects relating to the title. They are all live briefs which means we all have a chance to win or be selected for each design.

The first project is for the Fashion Design department at our university (ironically the course I was on when I started my time at Newport University). We have to design the identity of this years fashion show. The event is very prestigious and always draws big publicity. We now know the results, and sadly mine didn’t get picked, but the winner’s work was gorgeous, so there’s no hard feelings!

The department wanted a clean, crisp design. Stating they didn’t want a ‘typical’ fashion design poster. They provided images which they promoted us to use, and we were also advised by our lecturers to use them as he thought they would insist on it. We needed to create a poster, leaflet, programme, ticket, and optional internet banner. I chose not to use a script font, as I think they are quite old-fashioned and perhaps not what the department wanted, instead I chose to use a newer sans-serif font. My designs are quite basic and straight forward, but personal I feel they are straight to the point. Hopefully simple yet effective as there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a poster and having no idea what it’s trying to advertise or sell.

The following designs are my submission for the brief. There’s a few variants, but overall I had about 20+ design to narrow down. I’d appreciate feedback, so feel free to leave a comment what you think, and how I’d improve them. I still have time before the actual course submission, and thus might make some improvements before this date.