Fashion Design Brief

We are currently completing our ‘Competition and Commission’ module – a part of our second year that consists of a number of different projects relating to the title. They are all live briefs which means we all have a chance to win or be selected for each design.

The first project is for the Fashion Design department at our university (ironically the course I was on when I started my time at Newport University). We have to design the identity of this years fashion show. The event is very prestigious and always draws big publicity. We now know the results, and sadly mine didn’t get picked, but the winner’s work was gorgeous, so there’s no hard feelings!

The department wanted a clean, crisp design. Stating they didn’t want a ‘typical’ fashion design poster. They provided images which they promoted us to use, and we were also advised by our lecturers to use them as he thought they would insist on it. We needed to create a poster, leaflet, programme, ticket, and optional internet banner. I chose not to use a script font, as I think they are quite old-fashioned and perhaps not what the department wanted, instead I chose to use a newer sans-serif font. My designs are quite basic and straight forward, but personal I feel they are straight to the point. Hopefully simple yet effective as there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a poster and having no idea what it’s trying to advertise or sell.

The following designs are my submission for the brief. There’s a few variants, but overall I had about 20+ design to narrow down. I’d appreciate feedback, so feel free to leave a comment what you think, and how I’d improve them. I still have time before the actual course submission, and thus might make some improvements before this date.


Kagan McLeod

Kagan McLeod is an illustrator from Toronto, Canada, that I found on He has worked for a number of magazines doing various illustration work, but what I’m focusing on is his fashion illustration work featured in the slideshow below.

I struggle to word why exactly I like his designs, they’re just very artistic and colourful (as simple as it sounds). They are smooth and his models curvaceous – usually out of proportion.

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David Downton

David Downton is an illustrator that one of my fellow course mates actually found (I forgot whom, as I just wrote the name down, sorry!) He is a fashion illustrator with work similar to BenTour‘s work as he uses basic lines with the main focus on colour. His work is creative and colourful, showing the important features of a design in a creative way.

David’s commercial client list includes: Tiffany & Co, Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Harrods, Top Shop, Chanel, Dior, L’Oreal, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine and the V&A Museum. So he is a very well known artist, and I have seen his work in Vogue and Elle when I used to be subscribed to both,

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