Snow Snow Snow…

In the early hours of this morning, about 8″ of snow covered Cardiff, leaving the city looking more clean than ever. After taking a while to drag myself out of my warm cosy bed, I donned my zebra print wellies and headed out into the harsh atmosphere… well, actually just my gardens!

Without becoming too sentimental, snow is something I love. I know it causes annoyance to most people in regards to travel and jobs etc, but luckily I’ve got a passion that leaps for joy (and camera) when I see the first flake fall. So without further blather, here a selection of photos from the day.

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1200 Cress Seeds!

Who knew eBay would be the place to go to buy cress seeds!? Well that’s just what I’ve done, bought 1200 of them in fact for my packaging idea! (Don’t worry, it only cost £3)

For a while now I’ve been happy with my magazine topic of geography and photography, but believe it’s been missing something that would make it stand out from others, a quirk, an extra feature that would add more personality to it. Then something finally clicked, the environment. My magazine will be one of the first to be entirely recyclable and reusable – reusable being the key point.

The following (rubbish and scribbled) image is my first attempt at getting my ideas together, currently I’m focusing on my cover/case design. Made out of home-made paper it will contain cress seeds, so that once the magazine is read the cover can be unfolded and used to make egg and cress sarnies!

Right, I get it, that doesn’t make too much sense, but I needed to get ideas down and work from there. The next image was drawn in Illustrator and is more of a working drawing of my cover plans, and a small idea for the inside style.

Inside the packaging will be 1 A2 or A3 poster (haven’t quite decided yet) and 20 loose pages, a mixture of different materials including some glossy for photography and home-made screen printed pages. My idea at the moment will be to have a main design on the front of the page with text, further images and data on the back.

Things are finally starting to make sense in my head. However, one thing I’m not sure of is the name, I still need to play with that as I want to include the environmentally friendly factor into the name, but I’ll update on that soon enough.