The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta!

Yesterday Nic and I took a trip to Bristol to go to the hot air balloon fiesta! It’s an event I’ve been meaning to go to for the longest of times… Last weekend I happened to enquire about the date and found out it was the following Sunday. We had that day free, so we thought, why the hell not?! I live my life by doing whatever makes me and Nic happy, and jumping in the car with our cameras at the ready is certainly high up on the happy list!

Here’s my favourite shots that I took yesterday on my Olympus E-500. Hope you like them!



How on earth is it 2015?

2015Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I last used this blog nearly 3 years, and that’s pretty inexcusable.. However, give me a chance, the updates a pretty dramatic.

First off, a quick summary of where I was in April 2012, when I published my last post. I was in my final year of my degree in Newport University, living in Newport, and a bit nervous of the future and where to go from there.

Whoa nelly have things changed since then – I am now owner of a rather lovely (if expensive) piece of paper informing me I have now graduated my degree with a 1st, I live, work and when money allows me, eat in London. I do miss Wales, but realistically, sheep can’t give me the good income and future career prospects that London can, as much as I’m sure they’d like to.

So that’s it, here I am welcoming 2015, albeit over 2 months late. It’s time to brush off the keyboard and get writing about all the numerous thoughts that normally live and die on my notepad on my phone.

P.S Happy St David’s Day!