Craig Ward

Craig Ward is an artist I bookmarked a long time to write and research more about. However, when it came round to searching for his name and looking at his previous work, what I found was good, but just not what I was looking for. That was until I came across his ‘Processing Typography’.

Pictured in the sideshow below this selection of experimental typography really inspires me to go out and get creative with my typography. Whenever an artist inspires me to go out and get creative just by looking at their work, I immediately put them on this blog, in the hope it might do it to other also.

If you wish to have a lot at more of his work you can find it here.

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Alex Noriega

I came across Alex Noriega’s Blog on From Barcelona he’s a delightful illustrator that designs around ‘Simple Truths of Life’ using quirky characters and a sketched style. From things our teachers and parents always used to tell us, Noriga turns these sayings into wonderfully unique artwork. I have pictured a few below in a slideshow, enjoy!

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