Animated A-Z: Drip

I’ve learnt so much this week and I’m so pleased with the final outcome. So here it is, D for Drip!


I had this idea from the get go, I just had to work out how I was going to get there! I followed a tutorial about liquid shapes so I could get the hang of that, then it was just a matter of transcribing it into my dripping letter D. The main thing I learnt was how to use CC Rough Edges and how to combine shapes so they all work together as one.

Another swift thing I learnt for this letter was background patterns. I’m really pleased about learning this as it brings the whole animation alive, as whilst I didn’t want to distract away from the main animation, I also didn’t want just a plain, dull background.

All in all I’m very happy with this animation, and I’ve definitely picked up on a number of skills I will continue to use. The whole thing took me about 4 hours in total, but that also includes the time spent on the tutorial.

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog, some animating tips or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.




Even more Snow…

So as more inches of snow fall upon Cardiff in the night, a Stephanie gets more confident! Off I headed out (in my rather fetching zebra print wellies) to meet my friend and along the way took these photos of the snow. It’s about a foot deep now, and has become effort to wade through, but who couldn’t find the scenery so breathtakingly beautiful.

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Faisal Sultan

Faisal Sultan is better known for his website ‘’. He is an amature photographer originally from London, but currently living in Gotham City USA. He shoots mostly as a hobby and to document his life, and says that “photography gives me the creative outlet to let loose and enjoy life”. Sultan has hundreds of photographs in his gallery, and I couldn’t find one I didn’t want to stare at for at least 5 minutes, his work is bursting with colours, containing a mixture of abstract, documentary and landscape photography alongside many other topics. He covers such a broad range of subjects, yet all his photography is shot perfectly with strong colours and depth. Some of his work is very simple (such as the picture below) but he manages to frame the image, and increase the contrast in a way that it’s still a stunning, eye-catching photograph.

For more work by Faisal Sultan visit his website.

Brent Sirton

Brent Sirton is the senior staff photographer for the assignment division of Getty Images, New York. He specialises in documentary work and is known for his alternative approaches. He travels an average of nine months of the year on assignment. I found Sirtons work from National Geographic magazine, but it also is published in National Geographic Adventure, The New York Times Magazine, The London Sunday Times, Smithsonian Magazine, The Discovery Channel, Newsweek, Le Express, Le Monde 2, Figaro, Paris Match, GQ, Geo, Stern, CNN, and many other respected international titles and news organizations. His ‘alternative approach’ to photography is what draws my attention to every shot I have seen by Sirton, his work is vibrant and attractive and just a joy to browse, one could only dream of having the opportunities to shoot these places, and return with this level of photography.

For more work by Brent Sirton see his Website.

Kenneth Parker

Kenneth Parker is a ‘large-format landscape colourist working principally in remote pristine wilderness areas throughout the world where he has trekked and kayaked extensively.” Ever since discovering his work I have always been attracted to it. All his work is rich in colour and radiant, something that is difficult to shoot correctly. His work has always tempted me to travel, and visit the places that he photographs, hopeing that the places will be as beautiful as they seem in his work.

For more of Kenneth Parkers work see his Website.

Stephen Alvarez

Photojournalist Stephen Alvarez is a photographer and writer I discovered while reading National Geographic (he’s been working there since 1995). He is one of the more well-known photographers I have mentioned as he has won awards in Pictures of the Year International, Communication Arts, and has been exhibited at Vista Pour L’Image in Perpignan, France. His work is of very high quality, and extremely interesting subjects such as foreign landscapes, endangered animals and inhabitable land. Even though his subjects are interesting in themselves, the photography and framing skills of Alvarez are untouchable – he manages to capture wildlife in it’s true form and at the perfect moment. A really inspirational photographer which often expires me to expand my distance within photography.

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For more work by Alcarez go to his Website.

Sean and Yvette

Behance network is a site run by Sean and Yvette to display their photography. They’re originally from Dublin, Ireland and focus on digital and fashion photography. I often refer to their work (after also finding them on for research purposes as I like their imaginative use of photography. They play around a lot with short exposure, so drips of water etc. From looking through a lot more of their photography, I’ve noticed that a style they keeping reusing is a low saturation background often with the subject being in high contrast to this. An example of this style is shown below, followed by a underwater photo entitled ‘Submerged’.

For more work by Sean and Yvette, visit their Website.