John Martz

Martz’s Website is something that I couldn’t help smiling at, a gorgeous clean cut design surrounded by smooth colours brings nothing but happiness to me. His work follows this style of glee with it’s beautifully clear drawings of a number of different weird and witty subjects, often with deeper meanings.

What I’ve been more attracted to is his comics, a bunch of witty, pretty cartoons that I read a large number of because I’m enjoying the illustrations so much. My favourite comic of his is pictured below, and is from the series ‘Machine Gun’ – “a series of short, random experiments in comics.”.

For more of his work visit his Website.


Oleg Duryagin

Oleg Duryagin is a very different artist to a lot I have been research. Unsure whether to call him a photographer, artist, or digital artist is my first problem, how to explain why I’m attracted to his work is another.
Duryagin’s website is very personal, with a ‘blog-like’ post explaining about how he became interested in art from a very young age. He explains that he likes expressing strange and weird emotions through his work by showing something not in a stereotypical way. “It can be scary nuns, people pretending to cry or unhappy children – everything that is not expected to see.”

I use artificial nature of a digital photography as a tool to reach the point between opposites such as alive and dead, attractive and disturbing, beautiful and ugly. Thus I’m searching to transcribe the feeling of presence that you get while passing the plastic mannequin.

His work is interesting to say the least, and the mix of photography and ‘traditional art’ is really inspirational to my photography work. It has given me ideas to work with my photographs to create something new. I plan to further exercise my Photoshop skills to see what new style of outcome I can achieve from my photography.

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Visit his Website for more information.

Ryan Berkley

Ryan Berkley is another artist I found while browsing through various websites. He is an illustrator from Portland, Oregon. A large part of his portfolio is these original and quirky animal illustrations. Talented Berkley manages to show a personality in each animal, which is why I straight away took a liking to his work. His work is neat and precise, colourful with lots of character. It’s his different style that makes the work stand out to other illustrations.

Drawings that normally catch my eye are full of bold lines with bright outlandish colours, they’re eye catching and loud. Berkley’s work is different to the work I am normally attracted to and have published on here. It’s more subtle, but still has the same originality I like. His managed to give each drawing human like qualities in such fine detail

For more of Berkley’s work visit his Website.