Animated A-Z: Bee

How adorable is this? I’m too much of an eager beaver to wait until next week, so here it is, the letter Beeee of my animated alphabet, I’m buzzing with excitement to show you guys this letter!


I sneakily edited the final thing in Premier Pro so it started about half a second into the animation as I didn’t like it starting on a blank frame. I’m really pleased with this one and think it’s adorable! If I had more time I would play with the bee’s facing positions I think, but I’m trying to not get stalled on minor details like that. This took me about two hours to complete after work, I spent about half an hour drawing the tiny bee! Let me know what you think!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog,some animating tips or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.


P.S I’m still not sure how to crack the quality issue, so if anyone knows about that, let me in on the secret. Fixed it :D



Animated A-Z: Astro

This is the first letter of my animated alphabet, and you’ve guessed it, they’re also going to be alphabetically themed, because who doesn’t love a good theme? Style wise, I think I’m going to vary across a number of different methods, as this will make sure I branch out a bit as I go along.

So first up, A for Astro!


This was a relatively quick animation to complete, it took me about an hour from start to finish, as boy that’s a lot of stars to individually move, twice. Originally I had it planned out as 2 seconds, but as I wanted it to loop nicely I decided to extend it a second to include the explode at the end and the fade-in at the beginning.

I’m really happy with the outcome, and think it’s a great kick off to the new series!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog, some animating tips or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.



That’s a lot of position key frames!


An Animated Kick-off

Gosh, has it really been over a year since I wrote my last blog post where I started to learn the basics in motion graphics? Seems about time to get back into it, and once again, dust off the old blog to show off a new project. What’s a year hiatus between friends? (Sorry!)

Since March 2015, a number of things have changed, but if you’re interested in that, why not see what I’ve done everyday since July 7th 2015? That’s over 300 consecutive photo blog posts, so I don’t blame you if you’ve sneered away from that impossibly long link. Here’s a quick summary if you’re not in for the long haul –

He’s still here! | I did this thing | We went here | Oh, and also here | And here lots for work

Well, wasn’t that fun? More in line with the topic, I animated my first motion graphic video for my company, so that was pretty exciting! And what a lovely segway into why I’ve revised my unloved second-child blog.

I’m starting a new animation project! Something to improve my skills and get me out of my motion graphics comfort zone I seem to have cosily built for myself over the last year. I’ll be designing an animated alphabet, one letter at a time, each with it’s own little blog post explaining the thought process and perhaps what I learnt along the way. So stay turned, as the first one will be up very soon, and I’m really excited for you to see it.

Thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.



A talented artist that I stumbled upon on Deviant Art. Her page is here.

This is the piece that really stood out to me, but he work on her Deviant Art various between photography and similar oil paintings. I’m a sucker for bright, abstract paintings, and this one is just beautiful.

Marion Bolognesi

Slightly similar to Ben Tour‘s work, Marion Bolognesi is an artist who is extremely talented with water colours. Focusing on eye’s, Bolognesi has a series that just made me speechless when I first discovered it. He manages to show such emotion in each piece, displaying such detailed facial images with such a simple style. And the vibrant colour use makes the paintings even more outstanding.

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Ben Tour

Another Canadian-born artist is 33-year-old Ben Tour. His work is often very dark and emotive, showing great feeling in each piece. He often works with mixed media, and his paintings are sporadic and messy, the colours not often the correct ones but chosen to show a different purpose. I enjoy looking through Tours work on his website ( because to me, no piece seems the same and they all show great depth – often within the eyes of the subjects. His work is inspirational, an aim to show that amount of feeling in a 2D art piece.

Francoise Nielly

Another bright, colourful, abstract artist. Her expressive painting techniques uses oils and knifes to create free, surprising, and somewhat sexual paintings. Her strokes are random but create such strong artwork, that show such expression. Another artist I came across while browsing another website, I find her work an inspiration towards my use of colour. She takes risk, yet all of her paintings are a credit to herself, her work teaches me to be bold and brave.

For more work from Francoise Nielly, visit his Website.