Melissa Cooke

Melissa Cooke is an artist I found on another artist blog that I’ve now uselessly forgotten, but you can find her website Here if you want more information.

Her main line of work is detailed portraits that are often quite quirky or have different messages/meanings, but she also shows her photography that she takes herself and uses to draw from. They come under different titles, but I’ve chosen to show you a small selection of different images.

I like her work because it’s different. I really enjoy how detailed her paintings are, but the fact is she’s not just a talented artist, she has further ideas behind her work and that’s why I’ve taken an interest in her work. I would love to be able to draw to this level, and want to attempt some realism artwork.

All the images below are her paintings, unless it shows her painting, in that case it’s a photograph.

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Something Different – Ludovico Einaudi

Art is what I love, photography and graphics are the first things that come to mind when I think about ‘Art’ and what I want to post to my blog. But I cannot think of anything more artistic and beautiful than Ludovico Einaudi’s ‘I Giorni’. I come to the internet for inperation, but nothing is more ensirping than PJ’s, a warm bedroom, and this song. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Damn Sony Entertainment! You’ll have to click the link in the video until I get it fixed. Sorry!

Oleg Duryagin

Oleg Duryagin is a very different artist to a lot I have been research. Unsure whether to call him a photographer, artist, or digital artist is my first problem, how to explain why I’m attracted to his work is another.
Duryagin’s website is very personal, with a ‘blog-like’ post explaining about how he became interested in art from a very young age. He explains that he likes expressing strange and weird emotions through his work by showing something not in a stereotypical way. “It can be scary nuns, people pretending to cry or unhappy children – everything that is not expected to see.”

I use artificial nature of a digital photography as a tool to reach the point between opposites such as alive and dead, attractive and disturbing, beautiful and ugly. Thus I’m searching to transcribe the feeling of presence that you get while passing the plastic mannequin.

His work is interesting to say the least, and the mix of photography and ‘traditional art’ is really inspirational to my photography work. It has given me ideas to work with my photographs to create something new. I plan to further exercise my Photoshop skills to see what new style of outcome I can achieve from my photography.

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Visit his Website for more information.

Ben Tour

Another Canadian-born artist is 33-year-old Ben Tour. His work is often very dark and emotive, showing great feeling in each piece. He often works with mixed media, and his paintings are sporadic and messy, the colours not often the correct ones but chosen to show a different purpose. I enjoy looking through Tours work on his website ( because to me, no piece seems the same and they all show great depth – often within the eyes of the subjects. His work is inspirational, an aim to show that amount of feeling in a 2D art piece.

Minit Malavia

Another very talented individual that isn’t very well known is Canadian illustrator and artist Nimit ( His work is exhibitid in America, but again hasn’t been shown in the UK. This work is beautiful to the eye with amazing use of detail and colour, something that has made me fall in love with his work. Malavia also posts more imaginary work such as the lion pictured below. A sketch of an untamed lions mane, picturing the free and flowing result.