48hrs in Copenhagen

In actual fact it was a lot less than 48hrs, but who can say no when your boyfriend offers to fly you out to Copenhagen for the weekend? So off I went, after work on Friday, to meet up with Nic after his work’s summer party in the capitol of Denmark.

We had a whirlwind adventure over the next two days as we tried to visit as much as we could in the glorious Danish sunshine! Copenhagen is a beautiful City, Nic is there a lot for work so he was a great tour guide and it was so lovely to have a little holiday with him.

All these photos were all taken on my new Olympus OM-D Mark 2.



A Dancing House!

While browsing through Dog Milk’s article Who Would Design Your Dream World? I came across architect Frank Gehry who in all honest, I’ve never heard about before. Now, this is most likely because although I appreciate good architect, I often don’t research further into it, so my list of known architects is minimal to say the least! But Gehry’s ‘Dancing House’ was just one I couldn’t possibly not write about, it’s just beautiful!

Built in Prague, Czech Republic, 1992 the building stands not only stands out from this era but all era’s! Gehry is known for creating these types of extravagant buildings, but this is definitely my favourite. His buildings seem to bread all ‘traditional rules’ of building, with it’s extravagant angels, outset windows and curvaceous edges. How could one not be attracted to such a build!

Jonathan Adams designer of WJEC Headquarters

The WJEC headquarters in Cardiff is an incredible building that has caused more controversy than any other building in Cardiff (well, apart from Wales’ Millennium Centre, but that’s another blog post!). It was recently selected to be in line to win a top Architecture award from the Royal Institution of British Architects, this has caused quite a commotion with journalists

Elaine Davey, chair of the Victorian Society’s Wales branch, said “I think it looks like an upturned sandcastle. It’s massively overdeveloped and they have over-egged it with this hideous red brick façade on one side”.

Personally however, I really enjoy this building! It steps out from any ‘normal’ architectural design and really shook up the scene when it was built. Straight lines and symmetry are hard to find within the build and this is what I find truly daring about it. I’m a sucker for traditional architecture, but on the complete opposite hand I’m really attracted to a bold and unique ‘art piece’ like this!

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