Animated A-Z: Bee

How adorable is this? I’m too much of an eager beaver to wait until next week, so here it is, the letter Beeee of my animated alphabet, I’m buzzing with excitement to show you guys this letter!


I sneakily edited the final thing in Premier Pro so it started about half a second into the animation as I didn’t like it starting on a blank frame. I’m really pleased with this one and think it’s adorable! If I had more time I would play with the bee’s facing positions I think, but I’m trying to not get stalled on minor details like that. This took me about two hours to complete after work, I spent about half an hour drawing the tiny bee! Let me know what you think!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog,some animating tips or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.


P.S I’m still not sure how to crack the quality issue, so if anyone knows about that, let me in on the secret. Fixed it :D



Giraffe Kisses!

I’m in the middle of my FMP (Final Major Project/s) and one of them is based around Amsterdam. I’m currently sorting through my photos from my recent trip there, and found these three photos from when we visited the zoo!I just had to put them all together and post of here, they’re so cute!

Joy Ang

Joy Ang is an artist I came across on She’s a student at Alberta College of Art & Design, Canada. Her illustration style is light handed and soft, which is why I like it. It’s delicate and neat, capturing feeling within animals, and emotion in situations. My favourite is definitely the love-birds picture (possibly not love-birds!), with it’s strong contrast of colours.

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Ryan Berkley

Ryan Berkley is another artist I found while browsing through various websites. He is an illustrator from Portland, Oregon. A large part of his portfolio is these original and quirky animal illustrations. Talented Berkley manages to show a personality in each animal, which is why I straight away took a liking to his work. His work is neat and precise, colourful with lots of character. It’s his different style that makes the work stand out to other illustrations.

Drawings that normally catch my eye are full of bold lines with bright outlandish colours, they’re eye catching and loud. Berkley’s work is different to the work I am normally attracted to and have published on here. It’s more subtle, but still has the same originality I like. His managed to give each drawing human like qualities in such fine detail

For more of Berkley’s work visit his Website.