48hrs in Copenhagen

In actual fact it was a lot less than 48hrs, but who can say no when your boyfriend offers to fly you out to Copenhagen for the weekend? So off I went, after work on Friday, to meet up with Nic after his work’s summer party in the capitol of Denmark.

We had a whirlwind adventure over the next two days as we tried to visit as much as we could in the glorious Danish sunshine! Copenhagen is a beautiful City, Nic is there a lot for work so he was a great tour guide and it was so lovely to have a little holiday with him.

All these photos were all taken on my new Olympus OM-D Mark 2.



And we’re back!

We’ve been back in the full swing of London life for two whole weeks now! Though it’s only now that I’ve found the time to sit down and write this blog post. Our (Nic and I) mini travel/jaunt around Spain was wonderful.

We visited Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and finally a relaxing stop in Ibiza. The weather was pretty much at least 35 degrees celsius everyday degrees, with a number of days going over 40. Nic and I have since settled on 37 degrees as the temperature we start to shut down from life…

So without further ado, here’s some of my favourite photos from each of our destinations!

We stayed Madrid for 4 nights – it was scorching there! The heat was emphasised by us not having a beach or a pool nearby. But the city itself was beautiful, and we had a wonderful time. It was here we walked on average 10 miles a day and began our journey of drinking copious amounts of sangria.

After Madrid we hopped on the train to Barcelona for 3 short nights. We were so happy to finally be in the sea, and we had a cheeky rooftop pool in Barcelona, so all was well. It was another city where we did so much walking everyday. We fell in love with Barcelona, and really hope to go back very soon.

Another (slightly longer) train ride, and we were in Valencia for 2 nights. It was here the temperature was over 40 for the two days. I have few photos from here as we spent our time running from shade to shade! But we again had a wonderful time frolicking in the sea and eating some incredible food.

After a very short flight on a very small plane, we arrived in Ibiza, our home for the last 5 days of our holiday. The Island was absolutely gorgeous, but definitely the most touristy of our stays. We woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise over the sea whilst drinking Sangria, that’s my highlight of the holiday. The rest of our time in Ibiza was spent either snorkelling or swimming in the sunshine, it was a blast.

I didn’t want to bog you down with an over abundance of photos from our trip (I took over 800, whoops). But if you do want more, then check out my daily blog, where I posted everyday and have done for over 400 days now!

Please let me know if you like this holiday summary, as I tried to keep it brief, but if people do want more photos or a more indepth post, then I will happily oblige!

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer, I know I have! I’ll be working on my next animation over the next couple days, so look out for that.

Thanks for reading,

Travelling – Havana, Cuba!

Last June my Sister, Mum and I went on a holiday to Cuba! First stop was Havana for a few days. It turned out to be one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been! It was so colourful, and with such interesting and nice people. A truly beautiful city, I’d definitely recommend you visit, and I hope to go back there.

Here’s a small selection of photos I took from the days we were in Havana. I took around 2,000 over the whole two weeks holiday, and will be putting a selection of them up in a few blog posts similar to this. 

(Might have to wait a little bit for all the photos to load! Thanks)

Day 1 –
We arrived early evening after a ten hour flight and had dinner on our hotel rooftop restaurant next to the pool. Cuban food is very basic (meat and rice etc) but it’s always beautifully cooked, and tasty. Here’s a couple images of the views as the sun set, the views from the roof and the pool. It was a quiet evening as we were all quite jet lagged.



Day 2 –
Today was our first full day in Havana. Went on an open top car tour of the city in the morning,, which was great (as really cheap thanks to the exchange rate, definitely recommended). My sister speaks Spanish so she translated what the driver was saying, although a lot of them can speak English. They recommend you get one called from your hotel reception, as they are safer and less likely to rip you off! All the cars here are beautiful, something I don’t normally notice about cities.

We then went to a Havana Cigar factory/work house, but sadly you can’t take photos as it’s an actual work place. The rest of the day we sat by the pool and just relaxed.




Day 3 –
We went to the large indoor market today, it was very hot, but we bought a fresh coconut to share as we walked around. After that we went for a walk around the older part of Havana. We saw some very interesting people, who are all so friendly! Most of the people are there for their photo to be taken, but they are big on tips (little money to us, is a lot to them).

It’s a wonderful place to take photos, around each corner there is going on! A celebration, an interesting car or street, wonderful people, it’s so bustling with life!










Day 4 –
Our last day in Havana. We did more sightseeing around different parts, and got a horse and carriage ride! I was sad to leave Havana as it was so beautiful and interesting, I would love to go back again and experience more, hopefully I will.

Later that day we left to go to Varadero, where I’ll do another blog post on soon, so keep an eye out!






I’ve also got another daily photography blog, and covered these few days and the rest of my holidays if you’re interested! They start here!


Bugs, Bees & Butterflies! Pt 1

You should know this by now, but if you don’t – I love photography. It’s not my university degree, graphic design is, however I often do work through the medium of photography. Basically it’s more like a hobby than anything else, especially with my Photo a Day blog.

Bugs, bees and butterflies are some of my favourite things to photograph. I think it’s because of how difficult it can be, getting the correct focus, placement, and trying to get the shots before they move. One of my favourite places I’ve ever visited for photography is Roundhay Park in Leeds, home to Tropical World – a place not for the squeamish as they have a vast number of butterflies and other bugs free flying around a room, and believe me, they’re not shy, they go in your hair, on your arms, in your face… it can get a bit off putting, but it’s a stunning place to be.

Here’s some photos from my trip to Tropical World, then an image of one of the first images I drew on my Wacom Graphics Tablet. I’ve never posted it to any website, and that happens to a lot of my drawings, so I thought I’d man up and post it! I would love to hear some feedback, as my photography is completely self taught (apart from what I learnt from my Dad) and I’ve never seen my self as a ‘drawer’.

And lastly, my drawing!

I’m Going Travelling!

Yesterday afternoon was an exciting time for me and my friend Rosie, and now I’m about to blog some very exciting news –

I’m travelling around Europe for a month!

We both bought a train ticket from InterRail which will let us travel through 30 countries throughout Europe for a month (apart from our home country). And in all honesty, words cannot describe how stoked I am for it! It’s a chance to explore some countries I’ve never been to, and re-visit the ones I have, and loved.

We’ve been working on a basic route, but don’t want to plan it too much, as it would be more fun to jump off a train as and when and go from our maps. Below is an image I got from the InterRail website and I’ve drawn on our current loose route.

Main places so far are –
Salzburg (where Sound of Music was filmed)
Warsaw (capitol of Poland)

This are the more touristy places we’ll be going, but we also want to travel to the more secluded places that less people have heard of but are still just as beautiful. It’s a chance to explore, see breathtaking scenery Europe has to offer, and also indulge in the atmosphere of each place.

I’m planning on bringing both my SLR and compact digi, so will hopefully get a good number of images to remember the experience. Expect more updates as I get more and more excited about the upcoming adventure. Oh, and if you have any advice on places, I’d love to know!