I’m off on holiday!

I’m off travelling around Spain tomorrow! Nic and I are going away for two weeks. We’re visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza, and very very excited. I’ll be doing a photography post when I get back!

If you fancy keeping up to date with me then you can follow my daily photography blog! I’ll be back in two weeks posting on this blog, so fear not.

Thanks for everything guys!



It’s all Sunshine and Daffodils 

Monkeying around in CardiffFrom a foreign country, hello! This weekend I’ve travelled many miles from London to my homeland of Cardiff to visit my wonderful Mum for Mother’s Day. It’s been quite a stereotypically girly weekend full of shopping, wine, a spot of running (finally!) and mostly frequently and importantly, cake.

Prior to all the cake, this week has been full of less enjoyable illness and boxes. Nic has a bad case of a throat infection, whilst I have been continuing with stage 2 of our house move, packing up our life into easily movable bite size chunks (whilst praying that they don’t end up in even smaller chunks at the other end..).

I’ve made a lot of progress in work this week, after having an Adobe After Effects course rescheduled, I decided to have a crack at it myself. I’m just finishing off a blog post about material design which incorporates this new found skill – it should be up by tomorrow lunchtime.

It’s all feels very ‘calm before the storm’ right now in our flat. We’re still making good progress on preparation before the more, even with Nic’s newfound husky personality, so fingers crossed next weekend will continue just as smoothly. Here’s to us being happy and settled in our new home by this time next week, exciting!

Top picture: Me, monkeying around in Llandaff fields!
1. Nic’s cameras ready for their bubble wrap jackets
2. Reading and working on the train to Cardiff
3. Daffodils outside Cardiff Castles
4. Crocus’ over the path from the daffodils

IMG_3710  IMG_3719

IMG_0156  Flowers in Cardiff

Getting dragged around is the best stress reliever

IMG_3557.. It’s probably not what you think but let’s start with a weekly recap –

What a busy week it has been! It seems like things are changing so quickly right now. We (my boyfriend Nic and I) have finally found the perfect new flat, and it’s safe to say we’re over the moon. However with stage 1 of moving complete, we’re now stuck into phase 2, packing. Oh joy of joys. Does anyone have any cardboard boxes to give us or shall we continue to steal them from the back of Sainsbury’s in the hope it’s not actually theft..?

Swiftly moving on before I write an unintentional admittance of guilt. Work wise, I’ve spent a majority of the week video editing for the CEO of my company; he liked a video I made for an event and now wants to take a slightly shortened version to the states to show our larger American branch of the company. So that’s definitely good news and swimming along nicely.

Next, onto the dragging (the catchy title that brought you here, I’m sure). Saturday proved to be a surprisingly sunny day in London so we decided the best call of action was to get in the car and drive for two hours to Camber Sands, logical, I’m sure you’ll agree. Though what the wide open beach gives us is a wind chill that drives away  the basking sun dwellers and attracts us, power kiters (I might have just made that name up). Power kiting uses large kites that fill with air, causing you to be dragged on a board, the sand or into the air! It’s super fun, genuinely my favourite outdoor activity and we had an absolute blast on our first time out this year. Check out the photos!

Last of all, in bloggy news, I have a couple of web design posts lined up for this week so we’ll see where that goes. Thanks everyone for your kind words on my return, it’s much appreciated.

IMG_3534  IMG_3545  IMG_3685  IMG_3689

How on earth is it 2015?

2015Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I last used this blog nearly 3 years, and that’s pretty inexcusable.. However, give me a chance, the updates a pretty dramatic.

First off, a quick summary of where I was in April 2012, when I published my last post. I was in my final year of my degree in Newport University, living in Newport, and a bit nervous of the future and where to go from there.

Whoa nelly have things changed since then – I am now owner of a rather lovely (if expensive) piece of paper informing me I have now graduated my degree with a 1st, I live, work and when money allows me, eat in London. I do miss Wales, but realistically, sheep can’t give me the good income and future career prospects that London can, as much as I’m sure they’d like to.

So that’s it, here I am welcoming 2015, albeit over 2 months late. It’s time to brush off the keyboard and get writing about all the numerous thoughts that normally live and die on my notepad on my phone.

P.S Happy St David’s Day!


Semster 1 Final Pieces

Our work for the first semester has been finished, submitted and marked, so I thought I’d post a summary of the briefs and pieces, and a quick update as to what’s been happening and what’s to come!

My finalised designs.

The International School of Typography Design (ISTD) set a brief that was to focus on a moment in time. I have previously explained about this brief, but as a summary, I chose 31st of October, the day the population hit 7 Billion. I created a typographic poster, about the facts and effects of this big number. It was very well received by my lecturers, and schools, and is now being used as part of a Welsh Baccalaureate lesson plan! It all worked out much better than I could ever imagine, and is the basis now for one of my final major projects, but I’ll talk about that in another post. (I’ll be uploading a photo of the printed version soon, that’s still at my university).

Final – 7 Billion People (PDF)

The next brief was from the Royal School of Art (RSA), and that was to create a set of stamps to encourage people to keep writing letters. I chose the idea of ‘Your Words Will Live On’ and giving examples of famous quotes that have lived on pass the death of the person in question. I wasn’t so keen on the final layout, but my lecturers were very happy with the final design, and it was well received all around (success!).

And last, and definitely least, the personal identity brief. Pretty self explanatory, this brief was to create our own branding, and overall image. We had to create a website, business cards, and an ‘object’ which we would design and bring to interviews to boost chances etc. I didn’t have many idea’s for this for a long time, but eventually settled on an idea using cranes/swans oragami, and was pretty happy with it! (More-so than the other projects!) But oh was I wrong. My lecturers didn’t take a liking to my identity, but luckily, it was meant to be the starting point, not the finalised designs. We have another hand in for this module in a few months, so I’ll be set back to designing and web designing, in order to find an identity I feel comfortable with (and they like too..).

My Website (www.stephjones.co.uk

Overall, I got a first for this submission, and I was over the moon! I really didn’t expect it, after they told me they thought my identity was too linear for my personality. But I’ll get a second chance with that project at the next submission, and hopefully prove them wrong with a new design!

Feedback would be really appreciated on any of these designs, and most of all the identity project, so it would be awesome to hear for you! Thanks a lot, and better late than never, a happy new year to you all!

New Blog URL – StephJonesBlog


Just an update as I’ve changed the URL to this blog, it’s now http://www.stephjonesblog.wordpress.com! My website needs to be updated about it, and other links that I’ll slowly remember over the weeks, so sorry if some links are off.

As a personal update I had an awesome Christmas and I hope all you did to! Now really looking forward to 2012 and posting more, as I got a new lens for my SLR for Chrismtas! It’s also exciting (and slightly terrifying) times as I graduate in less than half a year, so there is lots going on!

Well, that’s all for the moment, wishing you a happy new year!


New Website!

Not much has been happening with me recently due to a massive creative block of all sorts, and then finally spending days in front of the computer getting work done! Success!

I have a number of different projects that I’m currently working on, and will be posting on in the upcoming days. Both university briefs and other clients, so it’s been hectic!

This is the first project we were set for third year, a personal identity project! I’ve been working on it on and off for the last two months. Trying to work out who I am, and a style to match it has been difficult.

I’m terrible at analysing myself, and even worse at settling on decisions when it’s based on my personal opinion. I ended up playing around with the idea of origami, and worked from there. I love fiddling around with paper, and making things, which is where this idea came from. I made a crane using various origami books, photographed it, and drew it up on illustrator, and worked designs off from there

In respects to this project I still need to work on my crane object that I plan to leave at interviews if I end up happy with it. I also need a set of business cards, something that I haven’t really started on yet.
What I have done though is set up a website!


The website most definitely is still a working progress, with one of the pages completely not finished. But I thought I’d get it live as people are looking for a website that they can link their sites to! Feedback is greatly appreciated as always, thanks for reading!