Animated A-Z: Rotating

Radical man! Check out this repeating, rotating, radical R!


I love animations that seamlessly repeat,though at times it’s been something I’ve struggled with on a couple of animations within this series! But this one however, I’m really happy with the outcome, even if it is a bit dizzy making… It could do with being slightly slower/longer, but all my animations are 3 seconds long for this alphabet and I didn’t plan on changing that for this one letter!

There’s a slight drop shadow on the R’s to give it a bit of depth, and it took a bit of fiddling to get the speeds correct on the scale and rotate in order for you to still see it is actually a letter R. Though overall it was actually one of my quickest animations to complete!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog, some animating tips or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.



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