Animated A-Z: Ignite

Say what? Two blog posts in one week? I am on fire! This weeks animated letter is I for Ignite, and it’s smoking…


Okay, it’s not technically being ignited, but still, I’m happy! This weeks animation took me around 2/3 hours to complete. I used this flame tutorial for the basis and learnt a lot of good stuff along the way so I’d highly recommend checking the guy out!

I had a bit of a fluke with the looping. I was worried all the way through about how I was going to make it perfect, but then somehow it just.. was. I’m still not sure how it conveniently matched up, but I’m certainly not complaining! I’m very pleased with how the whole thing turned out, using effects is such an ‘easy’ way to get movement in animations. I’m looking forward to trying some more out on upcoming letters!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always eager to hear any feedback on my blog, some animating tips or just general chit chat, so Tweet me if you fancy on @stephhh.



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